social events & gatherings

Social events and gatherings are important occasions for family and friends. Photographs provide a visual legacy to look back on with love and fondness. 

You enjoy the fun, we’ll capture the moments! Sounds good?

Andrew Wilkinson Photography is highly experienced in photographing social events & gatherings for all occasions, and is one of Cambridge’s most experienced and top ‘go-to’ event photographers. Our style of photography is mainly documentary and candid, carried out professionally and sensitively as appropriate to the purpose and emotional tone of each particular occasion.

We come highly recommended for birthday celebrations, formal university and college dinners, recitals, wedding anniversaries, personal degree day photography, memorials, and more.

For a small extra charge you may like a mini-studio setting up for couples, or small groups. Just let us know.

Whether your event, or gathering, is large, small, lavish, formal, or intimate we’d love to talk it through with you.