architecture & interior

Buildings, together with their interior design, are an art-form in their own right, inside and out.  We all find something to love about buildings, be it an ancient cob cottage, a brutalist block, a grand palace, corporate or scientific complex.

We are all aware of the prize we celebrate in our communities when a building’s useful purpose is perfectly reflected through the aesthetic and practical considerations of our architects and interior designers.

Such spaces provide immense amenity value as well as creative work environments that elevate productivity.

Andrew Wilkinson Photography believes we are right, therefore, when creating images of such structures and working environments, to acquire the best professional photographs we can. By doing so, not only do we respect the creative processes from concept to completion, but we also communicate our business’s investment and commitment in occupying buildings and structures that are truly fit for purpose. A cheap image will be a poor image that will not communicate the right believable values.