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I enjoy covering these because they are live and dynamic, and suit my natural photojournalistic approach to photography. In photography for musicians other words to capture images that tell the story.

As a seasoned saxophone and flute player and former choral singer I am fortunate to enjoy and appreciate pretty much the whole spectrum of musical expression and repertoire, although I wouldn't claim to understand it all! What I can understand is the commitment, passion and drivers - not the roadies in this instance, of the art form. Many performers demonstrate such determination that had they not been born as human beings nature would have selected them to be salmon!

Gigs, Concerts, Rehearsals

Gigs and Concerts are familiar territory for me. Their environments can be challenging and include the drama and dynamics of lighting, raw energy, scuffle, sweat, noise, getting those shots within the first three songs, concert etiquette, keeping so quiet that you can hear a pin drop. Back-stage is a different story or, rather, a different aspect of the same story.

I am available to photograph at live performances using quality equipment that does not require flash. Some of the best opportunities to capture images are:

  • during perfomance - crafted delivery of the art form
  • back stage - the real story
  • at rehearsals - insights, technical detail, challenges, interaction and forward looking

In fact, rehearsals are probably the most fruitful opportunities to take photographs because everyone is a little more relaxed and there is a greater freedom for me to move around and avail myself of more interesting perspectives. 

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