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Corporate photography sets a standard that reflects the quality an organisation places on its own products or services. Often, it is the first visual impression a potential client or investor will have of an organisation and applies in areas, such as:  

  • Headshots
  • Events
  • PR
  • Website
  • Products
  • Processes
  • Brochures
  • Bid submissions
  • Awards
  • Anniversaries 

My aim is to support your organisation to achieve its objectives through providing high quality photographic imagery. To this end I become a temporary member of any client project team, bringing to it a level of added value and appreciation of objective and intent, gained from a number of years working at senior level in the corporate world.

Based in Cambridge, I regularly work in London, across the UK and, occasionally abroad.


Considered as the 'face of the company', headshots are an essential way to convey first impressions to anyone looking at a company website or brochure. Headshot styles vary and can be anything an organisation considers appropriate to serve its particular needs, and may combine various elements to achieve the right results.


Most headshots are taken at the client's premises and may be combine the following:

  • Executive, standard, casual appearance
  • Explicit, implied, or environmental context
  • Naturally or artificially lit
  • Plain, or patterned background, or green screen

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Corporate Events are important occasions for businesses and are usually the product of much planning, deliberation and investment.  Images of Corporate Events provide valuable collateral for company newsletters, brochures, presentations, publicity, evidence of training, recruitment brochures, website, CSR, intranet and other purposes. Andrew Wilkinson Photography photographs events at any time and location.

Prices for Corporate Events

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Collateral Material 

Today's competitive business environment demands that organisations have up-to-date material available and immediately to hand, including:

  • Brochures
  • Reports
  • Sales pitches
  • Bid submissions
  • Publicity
  • Websites
  • Awards


Prices for Collateral Material

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