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It's Been A Great Year.....Looking Towards 2014

December 30, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

It's Been A Great Year.....Looking Towards 2014

From my side of the viewfinder 2013 was a wonderful year!

As well as discovering new techniques, different ways of looking at and appreciating things, nature, culture, landscapes, weather, occupations.....I have to admit it's the PEOPLE who I meet that makes being a professional photographer so worthwhile. 

Sometimes these people are the subject of my commissions, such as brides and grooms, or musicians. Sometimes they have been the commissioners of my services or the contacts I've had in, say, commercial or product shoots. Life becomes so much more interesting once you dig a little beneath the surface....the point at which a greater appreciation of purpose, direction, objective and understanding begins.

In particular, I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all my friends, supporters and clients in 2013 and wish you all a peaceful and prosperous 2014!

Here is a random selection of recent commissions, clients and subjects:

  • Wedding at Stapleford Park. A couple who flew over from Turkey to get married at this fabulous country house in the UK. My goodness, these people knew how to party and have an enjoyable time.
  • Event shoot for The Academy for Chief Executives at Coutts, The Gherkin, London. Great evening with author and public figure, Des Wilson.
  • Commercial shoot for Century Logistics. They said: "We needed a commercial photographer with an eye for detail and the ability to make quite a dull business come alive. In just two days of picture taking from all perspectives Andrew Wilkinson has done exactly that. The quality of the shots is excellent and through the magic of his lens, brought movement and interest to our business - not an easy task in a warehouse! We also needed some of the pictures edited and sent over to a tight deadline and Andrew pulled out the stops to get them to us ahead of time. We'd certainly use Andrew again and recommend him to others."
  • Commercial & Product shoot for a supplier of zirconium in various forms. Images for use on their new website and for publicity.
  • Private Event shoot - celebratory dinner at a country house hotel.
  • Event shoot for Cambridge Early Music Summer Schools, Cambridge, UK. They said: "I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have your lovely pictures of our summer schools; they are exactly what I wanted. Of all the photographers we’ve ever had, you are the only one who interpreted our brief perfectly, but more than that, you entered into the spirit of what we do, and understood what makes people enjoy our courses. Thank you." For me, this was a perfect fusion of challenge - wanting to get it so right and an utter delight to undertake. Musicians from all over the globe partaking in a common purpose was enriching!
  • Wedding at Trinity College, Cambridge. A classic, three-day event for a most special couple from Belgium, taking place in an environment - a photographer's paradise - steeped in history.
  • Commercial PR shoot for Oxford Baroque on location Oxford, UK. This group, under the direction of David Lee, is one to watch, having most recently performed J.S.Bach's festive Magnificat at St John's Smith Square, London.
  • Event shoot for Menagerie, a progressive theatre company, at the Hotbed Festival, and again at the Festival of Ideas week in Cambridge, UK. As a photographer I often feel so privileged to be a fly on the wall, professionally focused on my job, but often blown away by the skill, imagination and education of what I am witnessing!
  • PR shoot of a presentation made to Professor Stephen Hawking. This was a last minute, exclusive commission at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge UK. A fabulous meeting.
  • Lifestyle shoot for a young family. They said: "Thank you so much for our recent family photo session at Wimpole. Your easy going, non-intrusive approach made for a very relaxed morning (which even the children really enjoyed!). The finished photographs and photobook are truly fantastic - it feels great to finally have some lovely shots of us all together on a family day out. Thanks again - we really appreciate it!" The basics here are that I went out for a half-day commission with the family and photographed them living life in the context and way that they enjoy. The magic and moments become memories carefully put together in the form of a coffee table book and framed images to hang on the wall.
  • Lifestyle PR and portfolio shots for a young actress. She said: "Thanks so much for my recent headshots andy, the shooting location you chose was a stroke of genius, as the lighting and backdrop was perfect. I also really appreciated your relaxed attitude, as for someone who does not love being photographed it could have been very stressful, but you put me completely at ease. However, your relaxed attitude was also matched with a determination to get the right shot, which I really appreciate when looking at the finished result." You're welcome!

My Passion Continues

I'm glad to say that unlike some photographers that I've known, my passion for photography in a professional capacity (where the pressures and dynamics change from what they were as an amateur hobbyis) has not been diminished. In fact it has developed an eagerness to 'get on' - I feel a sense of 'there's so much more that I want to do!'. This includes a number of personal projects, both home and abroad, that I want to pursue and fulfil. The tension this creates is not enough time vs can't wait for time to pass quickly enough.

The Techi Bits

I'll round off with three valuable TIPS for which I claim absolutely no original authorship, but to which I fully subscribe. However, I will just challenge you to think about them, because at one level whilst they are great at face value, there's an awful lot more to them as you dig beneath the surface:

  • "Break the rules (of photography) but adhere to the principles of them"
  • "Once your camera is out of its travel bag, take the lens cap off and leave it off"
  • "The best camera you have is the one you have in your hand"

I hope you have enjoyed a little of this shared experience. If you have any photography requirements - weddings, corporate, portraits, products, lifestyle, portfolios, events, websites, and such like, please contact me or give me a call and I'll be more than happy to have a no-obligation chat with you.

Interested In...

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